Installment Agreements

Installment Agreement Types

There are three main types of installment agreements.

  1. Streamlined Installment Agreements
  2. Partial Payment Installment Agreements
  3. Payment plans set at Taxpayer's monthly collectibility

Streamlined Installment Agreement

The Streamlined Installment Agreement allows the taxpayer to pay off the amount owed over a set number of months- typically 72. This option is generally used for those who owe amounts under $50,000.

Partial Payment Installment Agreements

The Partial Payment Installment Agreement plan is used when the taxpayer's monthly collectibility cannot payoff the balance owed over the life of the balance-usually 10 years from date of assessment.

Payment plans set at Taxpayer's monthly collectibility

This plan is typically used for balances over $50,000 and will fully pay the balance owed before the balance expires. The amount of the monthly payment is set at the taxpayers monthly collectibility.

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