Trust Your Tax Controversies To An Experienced Attorney

I have over 20 years of experience in law, and 11 years of experience focusing on tax controversies only. This gives me the knowledge and skill to assist you.


I may be able to help you discharge income taxes in a bankruptcy, as long as you meet certain rules and conditions. We can discuss your situation in a confidential meeting.


Tax Help & Resolution

Are your wages being garnished? Has a tax lien has been filed against you? Received a letter from the IRS? State tax concerns? Legal counsel is key to getting good results.

Tax Help & Resolution

Business Formations

The formation of the correct business entity can stop tax problems before they occur. I can advise you about business entities and discuss which entity is best for you.

Business Formations

My Top Priority Is Helping You With Tax Problems

I am attorney John D. Harrington, founder of John D. Harrington, PLLC. I have been an attorney for more than 20 years, but for the last decade I have dedicated my practice to representing individuals and business with tax problems. I have successfully represented taxpayers owing tens of millions of dollars in federal and state taxes, saving my clients millions of dollars.

My top priority is providing outstanding legal representation with a personal touch. I do this by using my years of experience to foster and build trust with my clients. I value each client and seek to benefit them with my experience and knowledge. And unlike non-attorney tax representatives, my representation of each client is covered by attorney-client privilege.

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What Makes My Legal Practice Different?

Specific Focus On Resolving Your Tax Problems

Tax problems are legal problems. You need someone who can communicate with the IRS, is familiar with the IRS’s rules and regulations and can advocate for you.

Cost-Conscious Pricing

I offer fixed prices and payment arrangements. I will save you money by telling you up front whether you qualify for a particular program. Many law firms require a $500 fee to pull IRS transcripts, but I will get these for free.

Local, Regional Or National Representation

For those in the Brighton area, I can provide comfortable face-to-face communication and consultations. For non-local clients, I will also arrange telephone consultations.

Serving Individuals And Businesses Throughout Michigan

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Not Just A Tax Attorney, But Also An Enrolled Agent For Tax Matters

Not only am I a tax attorney, but I am also a Enrolled Agent for tax matters in the United States. This means that I passed a three-part test from the IRS on individual and business taxes. As a result, I can represent anyone in the United States before the IRS.

Free Consultations To Discuss Tax Problems

At my firm, I offer free initial consultations where I will review your info, determine what you qualify for and set up a plan for you. Schedule your free, confidential consultation by calling my office in Michigan at 810-844-1509, or send me an email.